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Professional Text Management

TextFlow Redliner is a cloud based document comparison and redlining tool making it easier to share, delegate and collaborate.

TextFlow Redliner is the only redlining tool that can present a document's complete step by step history. Our unique solution offers legal professionals better overview and improved control when working with documents.

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  • Redline: Bring multiple versions of a document into one clear view. See a document's complete change history.
  • All Changes: Never miss a change. All changes from all versions are shown.
  • PDF and Word: Compare up to 7 PDF or Word documents together in a single, easy-to-comprehend window.

The Unique TextFlow Features

Table of Changes

Quickly and easily navigate between changes in your document.

Version Slider

Move smoothly between versions to see document history unfold.


Everyone's changes shown side-by-side, in context, all in a single window.

All Changes

Insertions, deletions, rewordings and even moves are clearly shown.